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How to Stop Overeating Masterclass

Imagine what your life could be like if you could finally stop thinking about food and make eating healthy easy...


Do you ever wonder...

Why you say you want to reach a health or weight loss goal and then within 12 hours later, you are knee deep in chips or chocolate or pouring that 3rd glass of wine?


Mentally you know you want to make changes but you think you have no will power or motivation to stick to a better lifestyle. 
It is not YOU, it is your programming around FOOD.

Imagine what your life could be like if you could finally stop thinking about food and make being healthy easy...

If you could free up ALL the time, energy and brain space you spend focused on what you eat and instead start going after what you REALLY want in your life.... AND reach your goals at the same time?

You don't need another diet, program or strategy.  You need to transform from the root cause of WHY you are overeating.


We overeat because of 2 main reasons... one is physical and the other is mental / emotional AND most of us have NO idea how to bring these back into balance.  Until you do, overeating will always be a struggle.


If you’re ready to not just learn but actually do the work needed to transform your mindset and body, this masterclass is for you. 

How to Stop Overeating is a nutrition and life coaching masterclass where you will learn how to completely reprogram your emotional relationship with food and rebalance your body using nutrition. With the How to Stop Overeating Workbook, I'm going to be working with you during the masterclass so you leave with your personal plan to implement immediately and follow through. 

This is not your usual masterclass about "healthy eating", how to lose weight or what foods to eat or avoid!

Healthy eating and weight loss classes are amazing but this course is about your specific relationship with food and how to stop over consuming. 


Overeating comes from 2 things—overhunger and overdesire. As we learn the why and how through the exercises in this workshop (you will do your own personal work not just listen!), you will be to reprogram your bodies hunger and desire for food.

You will leave this workshop with the skills and tools to transform, including:

  • Getting to the root cause of why you don't have the result you want (and how it has nothing to do with calories or willpower!)

  • ​How to stop overeating both physically and emotionally

  • How to recalibrate your relationship with food, your body and your ability to to reach your goals

  • ​How to get your ideal weight and maintain it without going on a "diet"

  • ​A 7 Day Implementation Process to start from the moment you finish the masterclass 


Live, interactive How to Stop Overeating workshop 

"How to Stop Overeating" workbook to create your personal plan of attack and start making huge changes in your life & health immediately

Life time access to the masterclass materials

Interactive group coaching experience to support you through the process

The How to Stop Overeating Masterclass


When you join the How to Stop Overeating Masterclass, you get access to everything you need to have a deep and meaningful experience that will help you transform your relationship with food.


Who is this masterclass for?

This course was designed for those who want to stop overeating in their own life. Food is a huge issue when getting to your goals and what you will learn in this workshop is game changing to getting results.



Your Coach


Hi, I'm Brandi! I'm a certified health, wellness and life coach, personal trainer and nutrition consultant. I work with women who struggle to create healthy habits that stick. I help them lose weight and gain energy so that they can confidently tackle their goals and dreams. I enable them to take their personal power back, boost self-confidence, and create a healthy, loving relationship with themselves—in body, mind and spirit. My goal is to elevate one's sense of self and well-being to transform their life. Everything I do is with the intention to help and serve women to become their best self ever by creating powerful individualized programs and providing the real-world tools you need to unlock one's true potential.

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