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Top 7 Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is a helpful tool that our body uses to help fight off disease. However, it can be dangerous when it is occurring too often or being caused by outside sources. For example, when we eat inflammatory foods, they can cause damage in our gut which can lead to increased intestinal permeability.

Your stomach lining is only one cell thick, which is excellent because it lets nutrients from digested food flow into your bloodstream, while also keeping waste (such as viruses, bacteria, indigestible molecules like dust) from being absorbed.

Top 7 Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation in the gut can severely damage this thin lining that keeps all of the waste out of our system. It loosens the junctions between cells in the lining, which allows harmful waste to pass through. When inflammation from food leads to intestinal permeability, it is a big problem mostly because it’s an essential factor in the development of autoimmune diseases.


The best thing to do to support your health is to avoid these top seven inflammatory foods as much as possible:

1. Gluten

2. Dairy

3. Corn

4. Soy

5. Eggs

6. Sugar

7. Peanuts

You can go a step further and help out your gut by loading your diet up with these top 7 anti-inflammatory foods.


1. Blueberries

2. Ginger

3. Avocado

4. Pumpkin seeds

5. Sardines

6. Sweet potato

7. Dark chocolate

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