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Three of the Easiest Ways to Lose Weight (and it's not Diet or Exercise!)

The winning combination for weight loss is simple. Burn calories by increasing your physical activity, and eat a diet that leaves you in a calorie deficit rather than a surplus. Move more, eat less! Not so fast...

If it were truly this simple, why do most people struggle for success when it comes to losing fat then? The answer lies in the details beyond just food and exercise.

Here are three ways you can easily improve your weight loss results that are not diet or exercise:

1. Acknowledge your worst fears

Clearly envision the path that would lead you to those worst fears. For example, if you are afraid of having a heart attack and missing the birth of your grandchild, think about what choices you would have to make to increase the risk of this outcome. This observation helps you accept what you cannot do and forces you to make better decisions to avoid your nightmare coming true.

2. Evaluate your mealtime habits

Your meal time habits can leave you feeling less satisfied, or too distracted to gauge when you are full—both of which lead to overeating. Make sure you're distraction free (put down your phone and turn off Netflix), put your utensils down and breathe between every bite, chew your food into a paste like consistency and make the meal last 20-minutes. These simple tricks will help you refuel your body while enjoying the taste, smell, and experience of eating. It also recharges your brain during the much-needed rest from electronics and stress of the day, which also boosts your metabolic burn.

3. Focus on what you get to do and have versus what you don't

"Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadows" is one of my favourite quotes. I find it helps straighten out my mindset in so many ways. What I am getting at is stop focusing on what you cannot eat, what exercises you have to do, and the changes you made that were hard. Instead, celebrate your amazing efforts to change your life, enjoy trying new and healthy foods that nourish you, and recognize every positive change you see or feel in your body as you progress on your weight loss journey.

There are so many ways to tackle weight loss. You can find an incredible amount of options regarding fitness programs, drastically different dieting techniques, and coaches who provide support, motivation, and education using their own unique style and method. These three things I outlined for you today, however, have to come from YOU.

It’s your life, your physique, and your health on the line. You need to be the one to pay attention to the details that will not only lead you to achieving your fitness goals, but embracing long-lasting change that will keep you from regressing and regaining the weight again.

No one said it was easy, but, then again, maybe I did in the title of this blog!? Really, when you look at it with some perspective, I’m not asking for a lot. And I do promise you’ll understand why when you put these simple tips into action.

Need help? Book a free 45-minute breakthrough session with me today to discuss your health and wellness goals and how we can get you there!

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