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Three Key Secrets to Improve Digestion and Metabolic Burn: Part 1 of 3

We have been so conditioned in our lives to believe that diet and exercise are the two key components to losing or maintaining weight and improving digestive upset. But there are other key secrets that must accompany the two in order to fully achieve improved digestion and metabolic burn.

The truth is, what it comes down to is who you are being when you eat. Are you in a relaxed state when you eat or are you scarfing your food while rushing to log into your next Zoom meeting? Are you eating when you're not actually hungry? Are you eating balanced meals to prevent a 3pm energy slump and the accompanying brain fog in the afternoon?

Outside of your healthy eating and exercise routine and lifestyle, there are three major secrets to optimal digestion and your ability to improve your metabolism. Today, I'm going to go over the first one...

Identifying your high energy foods

In part 1 of this blog series, I want to focus on high-energy foods, which are foods that give you energy rather than take it away.

The foods that give me energy at certain times of day aren't necessarily what give someone else energy throughout the day. This is important because the more energy you have, the better you will feel and the more motivated you’ll be to take care of yourself.

When we feel tired or lack energy, we start making poor choices. On the other hand, when we feel uplifted and positive, we're better able to make more conscious choices in every area of our life—and what we want to get to is a place where we're making supportive choices for ourselves rather than destructive ones. We simply choose foods that nourish us, that are the highest vibe, highest frequency, give us the most energy and we don’t even think about the ones that don’t.

How do we identify our high energy foods?

It's just what you might expect. It's about journaling the foods you have at each meal and documenting those that make you feel sluggish and tired versus those that make you feel uplifted with stable energy levels throughout the day.

It's also about recognizing the foods we default to or eat regularly for a quick pick-me-up or quick satisfaction, when our emotions are running high and the time of day we tend to gravitate towards those foods. These would be your low energy foods.

When we’re really stressed out, food can serve as a comfort. It actually raises the serotonin levels in the brain, which are those feel-good chemicals that brings about contentedness. It allows us to relax. So, in some ways, eating low energy, comfort foods can be a solution to calm your nervous system. For some people, these kinds of foods make them feel temporarily better while they are eating it, but then they crash.

On the flip side, when you think about foods that give you energy, how do you feel when you eat them consistently? For me, I feel more uplifted, I am in a better mood, I sleep better and brain fog magically disappears.

How do we avoid low energy foods

Avoiding low energy foods can be a challenge because sometimes we get confused on the difference between high and low energy foods because of the temporary feelings low energy foods provide and then we turn to those default foods.

That said, I'm not going to tell you the foods that deplete your energy are no-no's. The reality is focusing on what you CAN'T eat makes us feel a level of deprivation. While that may work for a short period of time, eventually we give in because there's no pleasure in deprivation, which never feels like fun, right? We will simply go back to our default foods and feeling not so great.

The strategy I recommend to all of my clients is instead of focusing on what you don’t get to eat, focus on what you DO get to eat. For example, ‘I get to eat high-energy foods that make me feel ____________________.’

When we frame it this way, we start nurturing a healthy relationship to body and food. We train ourselves to feel pulled naturally towards supportive habits versus self-destructive ones. When you do this consistently and you’ll be vibrating at a higher frequency.

You might be wondering what I mean, am I right?

I like to think about it in terms of smog. Have you ever noticed that a lot of people are walking around in a complacent smog fog (that brain fog I mentioned earlier.) They are going through the everyday motions of life, but they have almost forgotten how to tap into their personal power.

When you are in touch with your personal power, you feel unstoppable, you make crystal clear decisions, you feel focused, creative, patient, loving and in tune with your own body. This the place where you feel aligned in every aspect of your life, where you feed yourself high-energy foods because to do anything else wouldn’t make sense. This is really an opportunity to live into the highest experience of life, of aliveness that you can have!

Now, this will take practice, but remember that the key is to focus on what you get to eat versus what you don’t. That you get to feed yourself healthy, nourishing high-vibe foods that give you an abundance of energy.

If you need help getting started, I offer my clients a really cool 4-Day Energy Experiment. The experiment is suitable for all dietary preferences including vegetarian and vegan and is design to help you explore how different amounts types of foods have different effects on your energy level throughout the day. If interested in trying the experience, contact me today.

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