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Reflections for Another Year Past

Do you ever reflect on the past year when a new one comes around?

I always aim to review my previous year — everything from the good, the bad and the ugly! — and I have spent a lot of time doing that this week.

This includes what I loved, what I struggled with, what I embraced, what I will do to ensure this new year is my greatest yet, and the types of shifts I want to make in my life to bring more joy and harmony (not to be mistaken with New Year's resolutions as I don't believe in them. What I do believe is that our evolution and change should happen all year long. We should aim to make impactful shifts in our lives each and every day).

Anyway, you get the idea!

As I reflect on 2022, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this was my most fulfilling year yet... And I say this every year despite change, challenges, and the highs and lows life tends to bring because, as I mentioned above, I believe we should always be going through evolutionary change. We should never, ever stop striving to become the most amazing and incredible version of ourselves and that will look different for each of us.

2022 was a year of tremendous change for me, one that required a lot of self-confidence, relinquishing of fear and tapping into pure faith that I am divinely guided and protected by God and the universe around me.

One of these changes was the decision a year ago to pack up my life and all that I had and move 3,000 kms away.

No fear, only faith that this was absolutely the right move for me and my daughter to make. My gut wisdom told me it was the right thing to do and I am so happy I followed it because in the end it has never steered me wrong.

This move inspired and made room for many critical changes in my life, ones that have been and will continue to be pillar pieces in rebuilding my personal path to continued self-love, acceptance and confidence.

Here's what I loved about last year:

  • My (and my 15 year old daughter's) sheer level of bravery and confidence to move from all that we know and love across the country where we had nothing and knew no one and build a phenomenal circle of friends and community that continues to grow each day.

  • I have embraced a much slower way of life by leaving the big city and moving to a small town. As a result, I have become more grounded and centered. I feel more at peace in my heart than I ever have in my life.

  • By adopting a slower pace, I have been able to really step back from the grind, refocus and fully re-evaluate my life and what I want in and from it.

  • As a part of my re-evaluation, I realized I needed to level up on my trauma healing journey and did just that. I have shared some of my learnings and will continue to do so here in hopes that it also helps you, but a little more on that below...

  • My healing journey this year took me to new horizons when it comes to:

  • Self-love

  • My shadow, core beliefs, and projections and triggers to understand why I respond and project the way I do, how this impacts every area of my life and how to work through them to create more peace and harmony for myself and with others

  • How to connect with God/the universe more deeply. By getting connected to source, my faith continues to strengthen and fear continues to diminish

  • And, a massive one for me, having the strength and courage to set boundaries and stand up for myself in difficult moments and situations without wavering

  • I have spent more time on key body mind connection practices to support the processing of emotions of unresolved trauma coming up and prevent them from manifesting in my body such as:

  • Yoga, Qi Gong and meditation

  • Integrated body work from deep tissue massage (it can be very painful initially to iron out our kinks and get our muscles functioning well again)

  • Osteo-integration and naturopathic manual manipulation to keep my body aligned, grounded and in tip top shape

  • Reiki healing to remove dead and dark energy that can be trapped in our bodies as we heal from trauma

Here's what I struggled with:

  • Not following my gut wisdom as feverishly as I had when deciding to move across the country. I found myself in another poor relationship situation. I still have a lesson to learn with following my intuition and leaving a "situationship" when my gut speaks to me and someone is no longer in alignment with me and what I wish to manifest into my life.

  • The reason for not following my intuition more closely is that I see the good in everyone. We all come from diverse backgrounds and trauma so I empathize and want to support others knowing where their behaviour comes from — but this too is a trauma response. I want to fix people, which is why I became a coach but you can't fix those that lack self-awareness or desire to change.

  • Missing my best friends and being face to face with them. While I am thrilled with the move, I have three women who are my biggest supporters and there are days I just want to hug them and tell them how much I love and appreciate them face to face. Thank goodness for text, airplanes and FaceTime sessions!

Here's what I embraced:

  • I continue to accept that I am perfectly imperfect and this is one of life's greatest gifts. We are all here for specific reasons and for specific lessons. As we learn from these lessons, new ones will appear so we can continue our evolution and ascend into the greatest and highest versions of ourselves.

  • It's ok to see the good in people. Those that take advantage of that kindness, well that's on them and has nothing to do with me but rather their own internal condition. I'm not going to stop being the kind, loving, compassionate and supportive person I have always been. I will simple choose more carefully who receives that from me.

  • My strength and resiliency despite challenges that came my way from massive deficiencies in my new home and spending months getting them fixed with the builder, to building a new community, missing my loved ones who are now 3,000 kms away, getting back into gruelling half marathon trail races in the mountains, attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole "situationship" and buying and renovating a little property to convert into an AirBnB.

  • My ability to lean into God/the Universe and know/feel divinely protected every step of the way. My gut tells me and what happens in my life shows me every day from settling into a new region, having people removed from my life that are not in alignment with me, and getting through challenges with the strength and resiliency above because I have more faith than fear

Here's some of what I plan to continue to do and ensure this New Year is, once again, my greatest yet:

  • Accept that I am perfectly imperfect and that life is filled with lessons so I can continuously grow and become the best version of myself.

  • Surround myself with those who support my evolutionary journey and I them, who know that as we continue to heal that our journey is not a linear path and slip ups will happen from time to time but we are there with love, support, understanding, kindness and compassion through it all.

  • Tap into my unwavering faith that everything that happens to me is actually for me. It is for my growth and evolution, lessons still to be learned, and for me to ascend further and further into my greatest and highest self.

  • Trust those twinges or butterflies in my gut and let my intuition lead and guide me every step of the way. I get better day by day with listening to my gut wisdom, but still have progress to make and that's ok! Remember, we are always an evolutionary process.

  • Keep going with my strong body mind connection practices and trauma healing journey, and bestow this wisdom into other women like you so we can rise up together and create a better world one woman and person at a time.

How about you? Have you reflected on the year past? What are you striving for this year? If you're feeling stuck on what this year looks like for you and where to start, book a complimentary breakthrough session with me today.

Here’s to an amazing year ahead! xo

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