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Valuable information to educate and help you reach your health and wellness goals so you can transform your life—in body, mind and spirit. 

Forms of Self-Care Infographic.png

Forms of Self-Care

There are 7 forms of self-care, all critical to create a positive shift in our mental energy. 


How to Sleep Better

Getting good quality sleep is one of the cornerstones of our health. This infographic reveals the effects of sleep deprivation, how much sleep we need, and the simple steps you can take to sleep better and improve health.


Principles of Intuitive Eating

This infographic features the 10 principles of intuitive eating to help you skip the dieting approach and promote health-enhancing behaviours, better body image, and a healthier relationship with food.

30 Day Self-Love Challenge Infographic.j

30-Day Self-Love Challenge

For 30 days, complete or journal the daily self-love task provided. By the end, you'll be a whole new you.

Broke Girl's Guide to Self-Care Infograp

Broke Girls Self-Care Guide

Self-care doesn't have to be expensive or a lavish affair. This infographic gives you six nourishing and low cost ways to pamper yourself from the comfort of your own home. Credit card not required!


Supplements 101

Arm yourself with some simple facts to make the right supplement choices to fit your needs.

10 Strategies to Survive Party

Party Survival Guide

When it comes to holiday parties, discipline can be a challenge. It's easy to self-sabotage and go over board with all the delectable food and drinks. Here are 10 survival strategies to help you stay on track.


Smoothie Cheat Sheet

Running out of smoothie ideas? This infographic is chock full of nutrient dense foods like fruit, greens, healthy fats, and protein to take your smoothies up a notch and give you lasting energy throughout the day.

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